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Water Skiing - Disciplines

Water Skiing - Disciplines In general, Water Skiing works this way: you are on your water Skis as you are being pulled by a boat. It sounds as simple as that. However, the mode of being pulled can come in many variations. You can be dragged behind a speedboat, or if you are more adventurous, you can try being dragged along a dragline. In this variation, you can involve your friends and enjoy Water Skiing at the same time.

Water Skiing also comes in different features - Slalom Skiing, Trick Skiing, and Jump Skiing. In this section, we will look at the different types of Water Skiing:
  • Slalom Skiing
    In this Water Skiing Discipline, the participant skis through the entrance gates of the Slalom course. After that, the contestant must ski around six balls and through the exit gates of the course. Slalom Skiing involves increase in speed of the boat of up to 58km/h, as well as shortening of the rope at pre-determined lengths to add difficulty to the task.

  • Trick Skiing
    Participants in this Discipline must execute tricks or difficult maneuvers using one or two Trick Skis. A trick run is limited to two passes of 20 seconds each. Participants are given points on each trick depending on how the trick is executed and how difficult the maneuvers are. It also matters if participants execute the tricks using one or two Skis.

  • Jump Skiing
    Compared to Slalom Skiing and Trick Skiing, Jump Skiing is the most exciting Water Skiing Discipline. This involves flying the farthest distance from a jump ramp. The speed of the boat varies, but its maximum is at 58km/h. Moreover, the height of the jump ramp can be 5 - 6 feet.

These are just the fundamental Disciplines in the world of Water Skiing. If you are a Water Skiing enthusiast and you want to join any of its contests, you must know the set of rules as well as the maneuvers that you need to execute on the Discipline that you want to participate in.

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