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Skis - Facts about Ski Stiffness

Skis - Facts about Ski Stiffness One of the essentials of Skis that you must take into consideration is the Ski Stiffness. It is the result of the way Skis are constructed. Thus, the Ski Anatomy and Construction affect the Stiffness of the Skis. The structure and the materials used in the inner core and outer shell of the Skis are indicators on whether your Skis are soft-flexing or stiff. Here are some things you should know about Ski Stiffness:

There are two types of Stiffness - Longitudinal Stiffness and Torsional Stiffness.
  • Stiff longitudinally or Soft-flexing
  • The downward pressure of the skier determines if the Skis are stiff longitudinally or soft-flexing. Longitudinally stiff Skis will be able to provide more support to the weight of the skier. On the other hand, a pair of Skis that is longitudinally soft is more flexible and the Waist of Ski may touch the snow ski Surface between two Moguls.

  • Torsional Stiffness
  • If Longitudinal Stiffness refers to the rigidity of your Skis, Torsional Stiffness determines how twist-resistant your Skis are. You can test the resistance to twisting of your Ski. Firmly hold the Tail between your feet and grasp the Tip with both hands. If the Ski is torsionally rigid, it will not twist. On the other hand, the Ski will slightly twist if it is torsionally softer.
Before, stiff Skis offered good stability. However, they were not easy to use compared to soft Skis which were user-friendly, but you couldn't count on the stability at speed. Nowadays, Skis can be made with the advantages of both longitudinally soft Skis and torsionally rigid Skis. Skis can be more forgiving and allows you to bend easily and at the same time, keeps good stability even if you are skiing on harder Snow conditions at higher speed.

As a rule of thumb, the longer the Skis are, the stiffer they will feel to the skier. As discussed in the section of selecting Skis with the right Ski Length, it pays to choose the right pair of Skis with the length suitable to you. Do not use Skis that are too short for you. Since Ski Length affects Ski Stiffness, manufacturers made short Skis that can likewise offer Stiffness. These Skis offer more rigidity than those Skis of the same length. Skis which are both short and rigid involve thicker construction in the middle part of the Skis. This type of Skis are made for firm and smooth Snow.

Stiffness is one of the essentials in Ski design. It is important to get familiar with this element before choosing the Skis for you. A demo technician or salesperson may be able to help you in understanding the importance of having the right Skis with the appropriate Stiffness that will meet your Skiing needs.

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