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Ski Gear - What you need to go Skiing?

Snowshack: Ski and Snowboard Stuff
In this section, take a look at the basics that you will need to go Skiing. We are going to go through the gear in Three Layer System. This site has details on most of the items discussed in this section and we sell many items in our shop. Make sure to notice the links at the bottom of each Type of Ski Gear.

Base Layer

Thermal Underwear and 
Ski Socks
  1. Thermal Body Shirt
    Depending on the temparature, (make sure to check this) you will want to use Thermal Underwear as the first level of clothing. It will keep you warm and dry by transferring moisture to the next layer.
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  2. Thermal Pants
    Like the Thermal Body Shirt, Thermal Pants are also essential in order to keep you warm, dry, and protected.
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  3. Ski Socks
    To keep your feet warm, dry, and padded against hard impacts, you will want to use thick socks, preferably special Snowboarding socks that will give you more specialized features.
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Second Layer

Second Layering Fleece and Ski Pants
  1. Fleece Jackets or Sweater
    As a second layer, you will want a Ski Fleece or a Wool sweater. Wear one that meets your requirements.
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  2. Ski Pants
    Put your Ski Pants on top of your Base layer. Good Pants should keep you padded, wwarm, and dry.
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  3. Ski Boots
    You need Ski Boots that will work together with your Ski Bindings to keep your body connected to your Skis.
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Finishing the Basics

Ski Jacket, Gloves,Beanie,Skis, Bindings and Poles
  1. Ski Helmets, Ski Hat, or Beanie
    Do not expose your head and ears to extremely low temparatures. Protect them with a comfortable hat or beanie. For additional safety measure, protect your head with a Ski Helmet.
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  2. Ski Goggles
    Protect your eyes from sun's rays, Snow, and Ice with snowsport goggles.
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  3. Ski Jacket
    Finish off your upper body layering with a waterproof and windstopping Ski Jacket or top shell.
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  4. Skis
    Skis are the focal point of Skiing. It is essential to have the appropriate pair for you.
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  5. Ski Bindings
    Attach your Ski Boots to your Skis through sturdy Ski Bindings.
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  6. Ski Gloves
    Protect your hands from Snow, Ice, and impacts by wearing padded gloves.
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  7. Ski Poles
    To finish off the essentials in Skiing, you neet a pair of Ski Poles.
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One of the advantages of layers is that you can add and remove layers during the day according to the weather conditions and how you feel. However, when buying your Skiing apparel, be sure that you manage the following problems: sweating, controlling of body temperature, protection from elements, chaffing and blisters. Also, avoid clothes that are too large or too small, otherwise the benefits of the latest fabric technology will be diluted.

There are various pieces of Ski Equipment and Ski Outfit that you need before hitting the slopes. They ensure your safety and help you in improving your Skiing performance. Make sure you are geared up and have all the essentials in Skiing on your way to a fun Skiing experience.

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