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Ski Training | Fitness Tips

Just like in any other Outdoor activity, Physical Fitness must be taken into consideration in Skiing. Specifically, you need to get in shape if you are into Skiing. It will require a lot of commitment as well as discipline to get in shape for Skiing. In fact, you have to strengthen and to make your leg muscles and other necessary body parts flexible weeks or even months before you hit the slopes. In this section, learn some basic points to consider in Ski Fitness:

General Conditioning General Conditioning
Flexibility, Strength, and Endurance are the elements to Ski Fitness. It is important to be physically ready before engaging in any sport. Learn and understand the importance of these components and how they can aid you in Skiing.

Ski- specific Training Ski-specific Training
There is a training specifically designed for Skiing. There are muscles that you need to focus on before the winter sport season. You can know more about the various exercises and ski tips for fitness you can do to train specific muscles in this section.

Upper and Lower Core Training Upper and Lower Core Training
All you need to know about training your Upper and Lower Core can be found here. Learn the 3-dimensional functional exercises that use ball and bands to challenge stability and add resistance in your functional movements.

Bear in mind to consult a fitness trainer if you decide to undergo a full body fitness program. Moreover, it is logical to eat a well- balanced diet while training your body muscles. Remember, to get the utmost pleasure on the slopes, one of the key factors is being physically fit.

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Max Letni
Wednesday 31st March 2010 at 12:19:25 PM  

Great links with excellent details!

How come push-ups are not integrated in your fitness program? Normally I use links from to enhance my fitness plan but I will be adding some content from your website.

Thanks for your community contribution, I appreciate it :-D

Max Letni

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