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Skiing Disciplines - Roller Skiing

Skiing Disciplines - Roller Skiing Roller Skiing has been around for years and is used by thousands to keep up their Skiing skills in the summertime. People compare it to rollerblading and other skating sports but they are mistaken. Roller Skiing uses the exact same body movements as Skiing, a fact that has been confirmed by many scientists through the years. Roller Skiing is the way to keep on practicing your skills and Skiing strength in the off-season. In this section, we will look at what you need to know about this Skiing type:

Benefits of Roller Skiing

Many Skiing Disciplines provide great benefits to skiers. Aside from improving your Skiing ability, Skiing can generally help you stay fit and shaped up.

Roller Skiing can turn you into a much better skier. Since you can Roller Ski on almost any solid surface or anytime the ground is bare, you can Ski even if it is off-season and you can surely improve your Skiing skill.

Roller Skiing is a great way to stay fit and have fun at the same time. It is generally similar to Snow Skiing. You can develop all of your major muscle groups just like if you are Skiing on Snow Ski Surface. In fact, your muscle groups, heart, and balance sensors respond precisely to what both Skiing Disciplines require. Thus, you can also develop Endurance, balance, Flexibility, and rhythm during the off-season. It is a full-body workout and you will realize that you can burn calories while having fun.

Roller Skiing Equipment

Just like in any other Skiing Discipline, Roller Skiing also requires its specific line of Skiing Equipment. Here are some of the features of Roller Skiing equipment:

Roller Skis
  • Specially designed Skis are used in Roller Skiing. A Roller Ski is composed of a shaft which is around half a meter in length. Generally, they are a lot shorter than normal Skis and have one wheel at each end of the Ski.

  • Nowadays, manufacturers designed Roller Skis with two axles. They can either be 53 or 70 cm long and usually made of lightweight alloy. This feature is where the wheels are mounted.

    Here are some guidelines in choosing the right Roller Skis:

    • Roller Skis can be further classified into Classic or Skate Skis. Compared to the latter type of Skis, Classic Skis are longer and have a different position for the Ski Bindings. Therefore, you should know what you want to do before choosing Roller Skis- Classic Skiing or skating. If you are planning to do both, buy Classic and skate Skis. But you can inquire about some Ski models which can be used for both techniques.

    • Choosing Roller Skis also entails your Skiing skill. Take a look at the specification chart in order to know which type of Roller Skis best suits your present ability.

    • The right Ski model also depends on the type of ground or surface. Hence, you should know by now where you will be Skiing. Choose the standard Skis if you will be Skiing in a generally smooth surface. However, select the Ski model which has a feature of reducing speed if you will be Skiing in steep or hilly land.

  • You can use the same Ski Poles that you use on the Snow but it is generally recommended to buy new cheap Ski Poles for use in Roller Skiing.

  • You can imagine how a fall on the dirt will hurt a lot more than a fall on Snow so you will want to make sure you are padded up. Use elbow and knee protectors.

  • Wear protective gloves and make sure to wear a helmet. You may want to use a lighter Mountainbiking or skating helmet instead of a warmer Snowboarding or Skiing helmet.

  • If you are going to Roller Ski on roads, then you will want to wear reflective pads to make sure that the normal traffic can see you.
Getting Started in Roller Skiing

Before anything else, it is just imperative to have the appropriate Roller Skis according to your skill level. In addition, you should have the corresponding Ski Boots and Ski Bindings.

In this Skiing Discipline, what you need is a solid and suitable surface. You can Roller Ski either on paved roads, bare grounds, or on asphalt surfaces.

Most techniques used in Roller Skiing are the same as those used in Snow Skiing. When learning how to Roller Ski, stay clear from traffic and other obstacles. The best tip is to make sure you are using the techniques you would use on the snow. Do not get lazy into your skating movements.

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