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Skiing Beginner Course - Traversing

While on the slope, you will want to move directly across the Fall line. The act of traveling across a slope is called Traversing. Unlike ploughing which only uses the inside edges of your Skis, Traversing will be using both the inner and outer edges. In this way, the Ski that is higher than your other Ski will be using its outer edge and the lower Ski will be using its inner edge. When traversing, you will find it is easier to maintain balance if you keep your Skis wider apart.

Traversing on Skis is not that difficult. In fact, they say that you only need a specific destination and a maintained speed, and you can already ace this maneuver. Knowing how to make this maneuver is important because it is very useful such as when traveling in a narrow area and during linking turns.

In learning how to traverse, begin with finding the perfect end point. Then, go up the hill as high as possible. When you traverse, you will pick up speed which will be made possible by dropping down from a high elevation.

When you go down the hill, keep your speed. Having a maintained rate of speed will enable you to slide to where you want to go. If you want to traverse across flats, manage to have an aerodynamic position. You can achieve an aerodynamic position by stooping forward while you put your hands behind your back.

If you are traversing a steep section of the slope, go to the highest line. You can use your poles to move yourself forward. If you lose your momentum, just shift to skating when on flat slopes or to sidestepping if you are on steeper ones.

Practice traverses by coming out of a plough turn and simply keeping your Skis parallel while moving across the Fall line.

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Article Comments
Thursday 5th January 2012 at 4:51:27 AM  

...nice text, but following things are missing:
weigt distributin, elevation of skies, wide stance, edging with ankles, balance.

Thursday 9th February 2012 at 9:15:23 AM  

very nice thank you...

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