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Skiing Techniques and Styles

There are different styles and techniques in Skiing. Everything from the techniques, styles, drills, common problems you encounter and how you can solve them is all under this section. Before you head on to trying a Skiing Technique, you better browse through this section to help you improve your skills.


Ski Carving

Do you need special skills in order to make a good carve? How can I make a good carve? Are there any exercises that can help me improve my skills? Just click this link and find out more about Ski Carving.

Powder Skiing

Powder is fresh Snow that is both dry and light. Powder Skiing is very different from the other types of Skiing Techniques. It requires more effort and skill. Sounds challenging? Read more.

Mogul Skiing

Mogul Skiing is one of the easiest to master. Although it is the easiest, there are also problems that we encounter when Mogul Skiing. Find out more in this section.

The different Basic Skiing Techniques and styles can help you improve your skills. You can also be prepared if ever you encounter any problem because you are already aware of them. Remember the basics and start from there. Get into shape and you will be more than ready to enter the world of Skiing.


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