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Skiing Disciplines - Nude | Naked Skiing

Skiing Disciplines - Nude Skiing

In a sport where ice meets adventure, most Skiing enthusiasts are willing to take it to the next level. Today, Nude Skiing has taken the sliding about in the white into new heights.

So why nude ski?
Skiing has definitely taken a fierce turn. In a frigid climate up the peaks, most nude skiers are in it just for the sheer thrill of taking it all off, adding up to that intense rush while sliding down the pristine mountains. Most ski buffs tend to strip off after riding the slopes all day under the high-altitude sunshine, or to end off the ski season with a bang. There are also the unusual few who have considered it as a consequence of the bet they just lost. While there are folks who get into the act just to grab attention towards them, several people ski in the nude for notable purposes and intentions. Naked ski fests have been conducted for charitable causes, or to even make a stand. Some have taken the naked route to promote their event, getting that much needed publicity through extraordinary means. Although many have raised their eyebrows and considered a repulsive performance for a few, nudist organizations and ski aficionados alike have been quite drawn to this chilly idea.

Naked Skiing Spots
Stripping off may be illegal in some countries, but it has been accounted that Skiing spots in the US, Austria, New Zealand, London and Czech Republic are known to have visitors who indeed disrobe their chunky Ski garb for their birthday suits. Ski Resorts are gradually softening up to this bare concept, as many individuals (wild skiers and onlookers alike) are having increased interest in this odd yet amusing feat. One of the renowned places to enjoy the skinny Skiing experience is Obertraun, Austria. Known as the “nude skiing mecca of Europe”, Obertraun welcomes all those who dare try sliding about while all exposed. Ski spots in other places, however, only allow pre-arranged Naked Skiing in order not to displease traditionalists or offend those who are tagging along their children. Copper Mountain, Colorado’s Eenie Weenie Bikini competition and Mt. Cheeseman, New Zealand’s Undie 500" class="related_products_container" are but a few. Last day of the season nude ski fests are also organized in places such as Crested Butte in Colorado and Milky Way Naturist Campsite in Czech Republic.

Watch that fall
Although Skiing in the nude may be all that fun and thrilling, it may not be that amusing once you start plummeting, and feel that throbbing pain. While frostbite and sunburn may be nude skier’s initial concerns, there is nothing more dangerous than Skiing without any protective garment on.

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