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Skiing Gift Ideas For Women

ABC-of-Skiing is indeed your gift guru! Our team understands how much passion it takes to search for the perfect gift for ladies. This is why we take every effort to guarantee that women will adore these great gifts and baskets.

Be romantic. Be thoughtful. Or simply show them you care. Pick out any of our unique skiing gift ideas, as you are now only an inch away in getting the presents that will surely please them!

Volkl Aura - Womens Skis
Brand: Volkl
Type: Alpine
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When you're riding up the lift, all people see is another pretty pair of pink and purple ski bottoms. Make sure you mount your helmet-cam backwards, so you can relish their stunned faces as you blast through frozen roller-balls on your way to the steep and deep on the Volkl Women's Aura Ski.Early rising is only good when it relates to a ski rocker profile. The Aura is an early bird, with an early rise tip and traditional camber profile for the remainder of the ski. This profile provides you with powder-puffing ability and corduroy-carving capacity without sacrificing control or speed.
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