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Ski Carving - Common Problems, Drills, and Body Positioning

More and more skiers are discovering the joys of Ski Carving. If you can make carved turns on groomed slopes, you can definitely be able to carve on other surfaces such as hardpack and Ice. But in general, the only additional requirement is greater precision. Being more aggressive will not hurt either. Take a look at the different essentials you need to know about Ski Carving:
Common Problems and How to Solve Them Common Problems and How to Solve Them
We have come up with common problems skiers encounter when Ski Carving on gentle slopes and on firm snow. You can find out what these problems are, what causes them and how you can solve them in this section. Read more here.

Drills in Learning to Carve Drills in Learning to Carve
We have provided five exercises that you can try in Ski Carving. These are just some of the exercises that you can try to learn Ski Carving or to improve your skill when Carving on different Snow surfaces. Find out in this section.

Body Positioning Body Positioning
Many skiers often commit mistakes in Ski Carving since it is new concept which originated from Alpine Snowboarding. Take a look at the problem areas and some guidelines on proper Body Positioning when Ski Carving.

Snowshack: Ski and Snowboard Stuff
Making carved turns is not too difficult. However, take note of the problems that you may encounter when ski carving so that you will know what to do when they happen. Also, keep in mind that the different Exercises or drills will greatly help you in improving your Carving skill.

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Tuesday 24th February 2009 at 9:19:39 AM  

please,show me the right position of the arms at the gs gate,to carve and go faster
thank you.

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